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Education Guidance was formed with the basic purpose of providing value guidance and information on further study options, to students who are desirous of pursuing a correct career path for gainful and respectable employment. We deliver quality admission counseling from our large database of PG and UG institutes all over the country and also overseas custom made to fit each student’s aspirations and aptitude.

Our team consists of a group of highly qualified and experienced group of industry specialists from various educational backgrounds with over 30 years of varied experience. Our specially trained counselors provide customized solutions to each student.



Knowledge is important. Information is most important. Education Guidance is an information / Education PLATFORM to help you reach your destination of knowledge – be it a college, school or university.


Our Goal is to provide a platform to every learner to choose his educational path efficiently and effectively in order to attain the ultimate goal of gainful education leading to satisfying employment.

What we offer

1. Which higher education courses to choose?

2. Which standardized exams to take, where and when?

3. How to prepare for standardized exams/tests?

4. Where to apply for higher education – selection of colleges and universities that are a “best fit and suited”?

5. Financial planning and l for college?

5. Accommodation of special needs and talents?

6. Enrichment activities that allow students to establish their uniqueness?

7. Sorting through college materials so that informed choices can be made?


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